The Weekly Review For Improved Energy, Time & Mental Peace

On Sundays, I do a weekly “preview” for next week.

Here’s the thing: I optimize for energy > time > mental peace. In that order.

The logic is simple.

I need energy to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish.

Think about it.

Even if you have time, you cannot do things if you don’t have the required energy.

So first, optimize for energy.

Gaining it, channelling it & protecting it.

So you can actually do worthwhile things while enjoying your day.

Next, I optimize for time.

We only get 24 hours in a day. It’s not ever increasing.

So it’s essential to be managed properly.

After that, I optimize for mental peace.

This can be different for you.

You could optimize for what’s more important for you right now.

But the above two, energy & time are non-negotiable.

Then, I ask myself these 7 questions & answer them — handwrite in my journal:

- What are the 20% of the things/habits that are yielding me 80% of the positive results?

- Where am I losing a lot of time & getting zero to minimal results?

- What is draining my energy/what should I stop doing?

- What is giving me energy/what should I do more of?

- How can I maximize family & friends' time?

- How can I create more time for myself?

- Is there anything missing?

Try it.

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Be honest in answering these questions.

And once you have, make a strategy to eliminate the misses.

As you do this week after week, the quality of your life will improve drastically.

You will have more energy, more time, more clarity & more joy.

Hope this helps! 🙌

P.S. If you want to:

  • Become the highest version of yourself
  • Change your current reality
  • Manifest your 2022 goals within the next 3 months

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