The Secret To High Energy Levels: Use This Little Trick

Step-by-step plan.

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Anytime I find myself stressed & anxious, I know I’m taking things way more seriously than I should be.

The world is a playground.

But we lock ourselves up in prison cells by taking everything so seriously.

So I am cultivating the habit of letting go.

I take time to relax & get ‘un-caught’ up from everything.

Whenever the alarm goes off, I pause & consciously try to observe where I am holding onto unnecessary things.

It could be stress due to work, a deadline for some task, or a bad mood because things are not going exactly my way.

So I take a few minutes to bring my attention back to the centre, disengage myself from whatever I’ve been caught up in, just relax & let go.

↣ Take 5 deep breaths.

↣ Look around & see what’s happening.

↣ Look at your hands.

↣ Look around & see what everyone else is engaged in.

↣ Observe each of your senses & notice what information you are getting through each.

↣ Go to the terrace/balcony (without your phone) & get some air.

↣ Walk or stretch a little bit.

The first time I did this, I was so surprised at just how much I was holding on to.

It was taking away all my energy.

Doing this regularly has drastically improved my energy levels.

This may appear as a very tiny thing but the effects it has is massive.

And you will experience the change within a day.

Lighten up!




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