The Biggest Realization About Life



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Time is the single most powerful differentiator in life.

You can bend almost anything in the Universe but time.

You could be doing everything right today but still don’t see results.

That’s because actions and results have a time gap.

The results you’re seeing today are from things you did 2 weeks/3 months/16 months/1 year ago.

It’s not from the work you did yesterday.

Because that’s not how it works in reality.

It’s very important to take into account this time gap.

It’s a sort of “gestation period”.

You could plant a seed today.

But you won’t see a tree there tomorrow.

Heck, you won’t even see a sapling tomorrow.

You’ve got to wait.

But not the “sit idle & do nothing” wait.

The wait where you keep watering the soil.

You make sure it’s getting proper sunlight.

Making sure it’s protected & no one steps on it.

You don’t just plant a seed & then sit on a chair to stare at it until it grows.

You still work on it every day.

Because it has a gestation period.

No matter what you do, you cannot make it a tree tomorrow.

You have to allow it to take its time.

Most people don’t have the same approach toward their goals.

They do something for a month & they give up if they don’t start seeing results.

Then they try something else & sure enough, give it up too due to the same reason.

You can’t meditate for 1 week & expect to become enlightened.

You can’t go to the gym today & expect your body to show you results tomorrow.

You have to allow reality to catch up to actions.

Establish in your mind that nothing significant that you do today will get you results today itself.

This is why “overnight success” is so misunderstood.

It’s really 10 years of hard work & patience.

Reality took 10 years to catch up.

But it doesn’t appear like that.

The breakthrough happened suddenly.

But it took 10 years for it to “happen suddenly” or “overnight”.

The only reason it happened was because of those 10 years.

It’s a small but very important concept to grasp if you can. can do 30 days of daily going to the gym

Or 30 days of daily meditation

Or 30 days of doing daily focused work

And you’re not going to see those results in 30 days.

You’re going to see those results in 3 months/6 months/12 months/18 months, etc.

So if you want to see long term results, you need to let go of the instant gratification mentality.

You need to accept the fact that significant results take significant time to yield.

So if you’re doing everything right today, keep at it.

Don’t be disappointed by the lack of results today.

Don’t stop doing the right things.

Don’t lose faith.

Allow reality to catch up.


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