Getting rid of limiting beliefs is crucial for experiencing any kind of growth in life — personal or professional.

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Moreover, it’s crucial to become your ideal self.

The process of removing your limiting beliefs is not difficult.

What’s difficult is to follow the process every day.

And to work on it every single day.

Here’s how to get rid of your limiting beliefs:

  • Rewriting your current beliefs
  • Rewiring your mind with repetition & emotional impact
  • Consciously practising it every single day

Rewrite your current beliefs:

Start by rewriting your current dominant beliefs about yourself.

Example -

“I’m not good enough”

Now becomes..

“I can get better at anything if I put my mind to it.”


“I never get anything I want.”

Now becomes..

“My actions are always rewarded.”

Rewrite your current beliefs into affirmations that help you make the shift.

Rewiring your mind with repetition & emotional impact:

Now to drill these new beliefs into your mind, you need to practice.

Tell me, how did you come to believe all these negative things about yourself?

You repeatedly thought these things about yourself.

You repeatedly talked about yourself like that.

You felt it emotionally.

You acted on it.

If you believe you’re lazy & can’t work hard -

When the situation came when you had to work hard at something, you told yourself (consciously or unconsciously) that you’re lazy or unfocused.

You reminded yourself of it.

That’s how it became an action (or inaction).

Now by repeating your new beliefs, you can make yourself believe them.

And change your self-image from that of a person who’s lazy to that of a person who can change themselves & become focused.

This will require being aware.

Whenever you’re about to do something, pause for a moment & notice what your current thoughts are.

What are you internally saying about yourself?

What are you currently thinking about yourself?

When you become aware of it, you can then consciously change it to new beliefs.

You can talk to yourself & remind yourself of it.

This will in turn change your actions.

Consciously practising it every single day:

Now practice it consciously.

Every single day.

With everything you do.

Stay aware & work on it.

When you tell yourself — “I’m a focused person.”

Don’t just say it & then open Instagram.

Say it & then work/study for half an hour with complete dedication.

Align your actions with the beliefs.

Do this with everything.

Soon you’ll find yourself shifting yourself into a completely different you.

And soon enough you’ll find yourself shifting your current reality.


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