How To Not Complicate Life

Humans love to complicate everything.

Their goals, relationships, happiness, to-do lists and everything in between.

It’s like we almost fear simplicity because it just doesn’t satisfy our overanalyzing brains.

We feel the need to dig deeper because we’re convinced that there’s more to everything than meets the eye.

But what if we could just simplify things and be happier? 🍃

Give More Than You Ask

Fulfilment is a result of giving, not receiving.

The more you live in a state of giving rather than receiving, the more you’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied in life.

Don’t Try To Be Everything To Everyone

Nothing will drain you of your personal power more than trying to be everything to everyone.

You cannot please everyone. No matter how much you tried.

Instead, be your authentic self unapologetically.

That’s about the best thing you can do to keep yourself happy.

Do What You Need To Do First

Stay true to yourself.

Keep your priorities above other obligations.

Don’t Indulge In Drama

Drama & gossip help you in wasting your mental & emotional energies.

Indulging in drama & gossip gives your brain the same Dopamine high it gets from eating junk food or checking social media.

Staying away from drama keeps you in a much more stable emotional state.

Indulge in better things.

Live By “Less Is More”

Do a few things, but do them freaking well.

Meet fewer people but cultivate strong relationships.

Have a small to-do list, but finish off all tasks on it.

Remove complexity from every area of your life.

Set Clear Expectations For Everything

Being clear about what you want & what things mean to you is key to your personal happiness.

Life becomes so much simpler when you know where you’re headed with the things you’re doing.

Get Rid Of What’s Not Serving You

Whether it’s old clothes, a piece of furniture, habits & behaviours, friends, places.

Stop holding onto them “just in case”.

Remove & clear space.

This doesn’t mean being harsh, it means moving forward.

Be Focused

Not being focused is one of the easiest ways to make yourself unhappy.

When you’re focused, life feels a lot more in control & hence simpler.

A simple life is the key to keeping yourself happy.

Always have something to focus on — a goal, destination, craft, relationship, yourself.


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