How To Be A Better Person In Life

Only 1 thing you need to do.

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Be supportive of people without thinking about what it’ll bring for you.

Just be proactively supportive. No expectations.

Your sibling wants to pursue a career as a dancer? Support her/him.

A family member open a new shop? Buy stuff from there.

A colleague has written a book? Buy a copy.

A friend has opened a gym? Get a membership there.

A batch-mate started a YouTube channel? Subscribe to it & share it.

A friend needs votes to win a competition? Share it in your WhatsApp groups & social media.

We do things like these to support our favourite celebrities when it doesn’t even make that much of a difference to them.

Whereas we hesitate to promote & support a friend/family member/colleague the same way when 1 customer, vote, encouragement could make a world of difference in their life.

Heck, they shouldn’t even have to ask you to do it.

Make supporting people without expectations a way of life.

Don’t think twice about it.

Uplift people around you.

Give them encouragement whenever you can.

You’d be changing lives if you can start living like that.


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